Free Music

I just wanted to let folks know that both Amazon and iTunes offer free music on their music download services. I'm sure there are other venues too. While getting a new release of a chart topping top 40 album is not very likely, if you want classical or independent music there are many great pieces to be had. I always stock up on holiday music this time of year. Some very classic some just very quirky. You just have to filter out the "noise." Currently Amazon has four classical samplers and four jazz samplers that are wonderful and they are free. I also downloaded a house/electronica/dance sample album to add to the mix. This is a great way to to expand the artists you get to listen to and also find new up and coming artists. Just search "free music" or Sampler in the respective stores and you'll find lots of music to download. Another tip is just sort from prices lowest to highest in a music selection and the $0.00 priced music will come to the top. Happy Listening!
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