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Well I did intend to write something yesterday. Unfortunately now you and I now know there is a limitation with the kindle fire browser (Amazon Silk) not allowing one to use the body field in Google Blogger's web interface. >>>Tangent Warning<<< Sorry folks this is going to get a bit geeky. Some of you may know that I have a blogger account that mirrors this here blog. I use a product called RapidBlog that allows me to post remotely from blogger when I'm not at home. Through some PHP magic when you arrive at this here blog it goes out to the Blogger mirror site and displays the drivel I've posted at the blogger site right here before your very eyes. When I arrive back at the mothership a simple sync sucks said drivel back into the landing bay doors and all is right with the world. Through Google's intricate web of RSS readers, blog interfaces and other doodads, if you follow a fellow Blogger account holder you never leave the Google playpen. Those folks that noticed my blogger account are usually Blogger account holders themselves and have innocently posted comments over there and are probably befuddled that I don't respond or notice. Truth is I don't notice because I have another comment engine from Echo that lives within the native (non Blogger) blog. (no the tangent is not over yet) sooo, recently I turned off the comments over at Blogger in hopes that all you kind folks can all comment in the same place. And when I say all you kind folks, the two of you should know who you are ;-) Lemme know via these comments if this is making any sense. >>>Tangent Over<<<

Remember I said kindle fire? Yeah I was able to purchase one with some American Express Rewards points and it arrived yesterday. It immediately started doing it's excellent job of sucking all the time out of my day. Last night right before I managed to run the first battery cycle down to zero, I remembered I had not posted anything to this here blog. If you know anything about the warm comfyness of a Tempur-Pedic, you know that once you have settled down into the loveliness that is memory foam you don't want to ruin the buzz. There I was bathed in said memory foam with a shiny new tablet balanced on my belly connected to the inter tubes and I thought, well well well, I can post from this here kindle-ma-gig and fulfill my November blogging duties without having to don my fuzzy slippers. I got as far as the title and then technology flipped me the bird. So in the end you got a title and I got a post and we both didn't have to expend a lot of effort.

What are my impressions of this time sucking device? I like it. I like the size - a lot! It is half the size of an iPad. It gets me to my email and the web. It's definitely a machine that encourages consumption and is a great go between device. Amazon definitely knows how to sell content. I would say this is a device for casual computing. For any heavy lifting I'd move to a laptop or desktop immediately. The earlier versions of kindle did nothing for me. I actually like to hold a real book or magazine in my hands when I read recreationally. But I find myself more and more turning to online sources for news, information and convenience. The fact that this is a pretty capable computing device, in my eyes, puts it way above the previous kindle offerings. At $200 I think this device will fulfill a lot of needs. If you want to see a good review of the device and one I personally agree with, head over to The Verge.
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