Support Matinicus Island Post Office

This holiday season if you are sending out holiday cards please consider purchasing your postage stamps at the Matinicus Island Post Office. Matinicus Island is over twenty miles out to sea off the coast of Maine. Although you don't have to go there yourself to purchase stamps you can purchase them free of shipping and handling charges. There are self addressed order forms that go through the postal system at no cost to you. The postmaster Wanda, will be glad to fill your order. Why is this important? The post office on a remote island is one of it's physical connections to the mainland. In order to maintain it's presence it needs to show sufficient sales to justify it's existence. External sales help make that happen. For the last eight years we buy as much postage as we can from Matinicus. Not only holiday postage but our year round postage. If you'd like more information on how to do this here's a link.
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