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Blue in Newbury

I just wanted to share some iPhonegraphy taken yesterday morning as the sun rose on Plum Island. Mary and I were fortunate enough to be able to go on an overnight to a beautiful inn called Blue. We had the penthouse that overlooks the beach and the wildlife refuge. We felt like we were miles away nestled in a sublime oasis. Too short but very reinvigorating. Thanks Kim and Jim.


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I'm Lichen The iPhone Camera

Yesterday morning, on a long post "fall back" time change walk, a photographic opportunity presented itself. Before leaving home, I made a conscious decision not to bring my digital SLR camera, so as not to stop every two minutes and struggle with knobs and dials. We were accompanied by our neighbor Renee and her dog Zeke. Holding up Zeke's woodland explorations would be out of the question. The camera choice for the walk was the GPS equipped iPhone 3G. The GPS is a nice feature to navigate this stretch of woods which seems to have too many trails that cross and change direction with no logic. I humored myself with the thought that at least the phone had a camera of sorts. This is the older 3G sans "s". I long for the newer "s" model which has a better camera. While walking I remembered to do one important thing, clean the lens. It can get covered with fingerprints far too easily.

Let's get back said photographic opportunity shall we. . . Early in the walk this beautiful collection of lichen and moss encrusted on a large rock presented itself. I took one shot and was thoroughly satisfied. Upon return home, the image was post processed in less than five minutes and submitted to the blog album. The many colors, textures and shadows make a wonderful natural collage that I really enjoy. I hope you enjoy it too.

Lichens and Moss
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