Let's Go Out With A Bang!

Taiko is amazing entertainment. The rhythms, the noise, the discipline, the precision, the strength and the artistry. It will almost bring tears to my eyes to see these things come together in such a dynamic way. I hope we get to see them in the upcoming year. (you can stop at 3:45 unless you understand Japanese.)


This video was a simple idea that became brilliant entertainment

I love seeing the subtile reactions of people when they realize what is going on. If you don't know about these type of restaurants in Japan, here is the gist. A conveyor belt rotates around the room with different food items. Patrons just grab what they want as the food passes by. The food item's price is denoted by the color of the plate. At the end of the meal the server totals up the number of plates you have and presents you with a bill.


Japan and Peru Videos

Greetings folks. Let's travel south and east today. I've now got this YouTube thing down pretty good. I'm also placing them on their own movie pages. Clever, I know. So Clever that I can even place them on this here blog page too. Please enjoy them with a little egg nog and christmas cookies.

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