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This is a great holiday gift idea that is fun and also says a lot about how you care about the world around you. Attic Journals takes old books destined for the dumpster and repurposes them. Spines are carefully removed and paper is recycled. The front and back covers are then reused and wire bound into blank journals using at least 75 blank pages of twenty four pound paper stock. Each journal is unique and sometimes a bit quirky. You'll find lots of interesting old covers some abstract some very graphic. A great Idea for someone on your holiday shopping list. Go over and take a look at the different sizes and other items they have for sale.


Striper Moon by J. Kenney Abrames

Striper Moon: Fly Fishing Techniques and Flies for Striped Bass in Estuary, River, Bay & Surf by J. Kenney Abrames.

From a unique man comes a very unique volume that is continually referenced by striper fly fishers throughout New England and beyond. This brief and enlightening tome takes salt water fly fishers out of the routine of predictable big cast and strip, strip, strip mentality and encourages fly fishers to do something we often forget to do, think. Think, where am I, think, where would the stripers need to be, think, is the exact fly needed or is how it is fished more important, think, what is the best time of day and also best moon phase to hunt stripers

Abrams brings revelations to the surf fisher that stripers hunt very close to shore and will swim in the hump of an incoming wave in order to harvest tumbled and disoriented prey. Other instruction includes using drift and mend techniques similar to fishing for trout with streamers. The author also likens striper prey to the trout fishers insect hatch. He asks, when are the peak times for herring, crab, krill and sand eel.

The topic of fly tying, for which Kenny is well known, is somewhat down played considering how colorful and beautifully crafted his flat wing imitations are. His salt water fly patterns are some of my all-time favorites to tie. What the author teaches us about flies is that a perfect fly fished with a poor presentation will not catch as many fish, if any at all, as a perfectly presented fly that is only an impression, but not an exact copy. If the fly is within the size range of the bait the fish are targeting and fished well it will catch more fish. He openly admits that no two flies he ties are alike. What he suggests is that colors in the ocean are constantly changing and giving different impressions at different times and so do his flies.

Equipment is also covered, giving ideas on what makes a good set up for a coastal striper fly fisher. All his explanations are presented with the caveat that the equipment does not catch the fish, the fisherman catches the fish, reminding us, presentation, presentation presentation.

In addition to giving the fly fishing community this well executed document, Kenny continues to instruct locally to intrepid fly fishers who gather at selected locations along the coast. He also hosts a helpful website that shares the same name as the book Striper Moon. The site extends the value of his instruction to the internet community and includes a forum where he is happy to answer anglers questions and encourage dialog among members.

I highly recommend this book and I know I will return to it often for reference and inspiration.

Striper Moon

I'm currently reading Striper Moon: Fly Fishing Techniques and Flies for Striped Bass in Estuary, River, Bay & Surf by J. Kenney Abrames. I'll let you know how I like it when I'm finished.

No One Cares What You Had for Lunch -100 Ideas for Your Blog by Margaret Mason

No One Cares What You Had for Lunch -100 Ideas for Your Blog by Margaret Mason
This book is very timely since many bloggers are currently participating in National Blog posting Month. When bloggers sign up for NaBloPoMo they should be taken straight to Maggie's website so they can purchase a copy of her book. (the t-shirt on that page is funny, but has nothing to do with blogging) This book will help you create a fabulous blog everyone will want to read. She takes you out of your comfort zone and into places that are challenging and fun. The format of the book is well organized and easy to follow. Maggie's clear knowledge of the subject, will help take the worries out of finding content for your blog. Her writings affirmed the choices I made when I dove straight into a thirty day blog posting commitment. I also plan to follow some of her suggestions for my blog content. I highly recommend you buy a copy and read it for lunch. When people ask "What did you have for lunch today?" You can reply, "I had a Mason Blogger with fries" It was yummy!

You may also find these slides interesting. They are from a talk the author did this month in Indianapolis. I know that Maggie's narrative, that went along with these slides, would be as inspiring as reading her book. She is also very fun!

An Exhilaration of Wings edited by Jen Hill

An Exhilaration of Wings

This is a monumental occasion. I have been reading this book for well over two years. It is a good book, but not a page turner. Subsequently I read this in little bitty bird bites. I celebrate it’s return to the bookshelf and it’s departure from my nightstand, backpack, luggage, desktop and wherever else it followed me. An Exhilaration of Wings is a series of themed chapters with quotes and excerpts for each chapters theme. Chapters such as Birds of Sea and Shore, City Birds, Migration and Birdsong are visited by well known naturalists of an earlier time. This book seems intentionally compiled to be using works prior to the emergence of the now very popular pastime of birding or bird watching. Discussions from the past of things unique then as well as still common themes now. Sadly there are entries about birds we shall never see again such as the passenger pigeon and the great auk. The passages are interesting, witty and insightful. Hats off to Jen Hill for her exhaustive research in compiling such a vast and diverse collection. I'm glad I finally was able to find the last page but feel like I've left an old friend

Trout Bum by John Gierach

This is the Twentieth Anniversary Edition of the ultamate tome of all trout fly fisherman. Trout Bum is all that it should be in a classic read about fly fishing. The best part is that Gierach is able to express his thoughts so easily. He expresses feelings we all have about the sport but is able to put those feelings into words. I look forward to reading more of John's work. I recently met his sidekick A. K. Best at a fly tying symposeum in New Jersey. I took a morning long class with A. K. and I already have a lot of insight about the pair from listening to him recount some of their stories. That was a real treat.

The Grail Bird: Hot on the Trail of the Ivory-billed Woodpecker by Tim Gallagher The Grail Bird: Hot on the Trail of the Ivory-billed Woodpecker by Tim Gallagher

The Grail Bird: Hot on the Trail of the Ivory-billed Woodpecker by Tim Gallagher is an exciting documentary of the quixotic search for a bird thought to be extinct in the United States, the beautiful Ivory-billed Woodpecker. It recounts the history of the bird and the almost complete distruction of it's very specific habitat. I'm reading a signed copy of the book purchased at an Essex County Ornathological Club (ECOC) meeting that Tim spoke at. His position as Editor in chief of Living Bird Magazine at the prestigious Cornell Lab of Ornathology might lead one to think he could be rather stuffy. To the contrary he is an extremely entertaining and funny speaker who puts his audience at ease. Seeing his self deprocating approach must have helped while in the deep south. I'm sure he was skillful at exploring a topic that some would rather not talk about. Saying you have seen an extinct bird can elicit some strange looks. This book chronicles that search and all the conviluted paths that led to his earth shattring sighting. As Tim himself inscribed on our copy of the book "The Ivory-bill Lives!"
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