Fly Tying Class
Every week during the winter season the fly shop I frequent has free fly tying classes. Here is what we tied each week.
FLA 11-30-2005-7

Mush Mouths - Instructor Capt. Nat Moody

FLA 12-07-2005-3

Blonde, Ray's Fly, Sand Eel, Black Leach, Tuna Fly, Reverse Tie Bucktail Fly - Instructor John Kelsey

FLA 12-14-2005-11

Bunny Tail, Skok Clowser, High Tie Herring, Flatwing Sand Eel - Instructor Capt. Pete Yukins

FLA 12-21-2005

Diving Sand Eel, Crease Fly, Christmas Blonde - Instructor Capt. Nat Moody

FLA 01-04-2006-4

Ginger Shrimp Pattern, Nat's Yarn Crab, Gartside's Gurgler Black and Yellow - Instructor Nat Moody

FLA 01-11-2006

Puglisi Minnows - Instructor Capt. Derek Spingler

FLA 01-18-2006-3

Giant Natural Deciever, Giant High Tie with Easy Body - Instructor Leon Piasecki. Thease were huge flies!

FLA 01-25-2006

Deer Hair Poppers - Instructor and Tyer of these flies Rick Southgate

FLA 02-01-2006-5

Flatwings and Ray's Fly - Instructor John Kelsey

FLA 02-08-2006

Murphy Special - Instructor Rich Murphy

FLA 02-15-2006-6

Little Leach Green, Little Leach Black, Bunny Leach Green, Bunny Leach Black, Grizzly Streamer - Instructor Nat Moody

FLA 02-22-2006-2

Yak Hair Flies - Capt. Randy Sigler

FLA 03-02-2006-4

RLS General Practitioner, Flatwing Squid Pattern, RLS Bucktail 9 Color, RLS Morning Glory, RLS Ruthless - Instructor John Kelsey

FLA 03-08-2006-3

Small Buffy, Kinky Fiber Minnow, Kinky Fiber Squid - Instructor Leon Piasecki

FLA 03-15-2006

Carrie Stevens' Grey Ghost - Instructor Leslie Hilyard co-author of "Carrie Stevens: Maker of Rangeley Favorite Trout and Salmon Flies"

FLA 03-22-2006-1

Crabs and Parachute Chironomid Emergers - Instructor was Capt. Nat Moody

FLA 03-29-2006-2

Decievers - Instructor Capt. Nat Moody

FLA 11-28-2007 Snake Flies

Snake Flies - Instructor Capt. Nat Moody

FLA 12-5-07

Ray's Fly, Lobster Fly, Puglisi Cunner, Pete's Pheasant Style Cunner Instructor - Capt. Peter Yukins


White Marabou Streamer, The Usual, Montreal Whore, Soft Hackle, Pink Floyd - Instructor Rick Little

FLA 01-16-2008

Small Striper Flies - Instructor - John Kelsey Soft Hackle, Krill, 10 strand streamer, Salt Water Bivisible, Orange Worm, Little Garthside Gurgler

FLA 01-23-2008

Instructors Dan Harrison and Walt Mueller, Jr. - Fat Albert, Midge and Eggs over easy

FLA 1-30-2008

Instructor George Sprague - Crease Flies

FLA 02-06-2008

Instructor Nat Moody - Moody Special, Sand Eel, Skok's PC Clouser